ODOROX® Odor Neutralization Services

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The HGI ODOROX® network has staffed departments to offer immediate response to any and all of your environmental issues. Our services provide relief from disaster situations such as fires or floods, which require the experience and expertise of our ODOROX® trained technicians in order to offer quick and efficient neutralization of mold, mildew, viruses and odors. The ODOROX® technology uses no chemicals and will not harm contents, therefore clean up time is greatly reduced, saving you time and money…. This is truly a “GREEN TECHNOLOGY AT WORK®” odor neutralization service. 

Our trained Service Professionals coupled with our vast line of ODOROX® products assures success in handling your environmental issues. Whether it’s a simple odor problem or a catastrophic disaster, the ODOROX® Team is here to help. Here are just a few examples of disasters that we have successfully remediated.


2009:  RUG & HOME FIRE [Gaffney, South Carolina]


Fire, smoke, soot and water damage were found in varying degrees throughout the 75,000 sq-ft  store.

Within 12 hours of the call, ODOROX® MVP™ hydroxyl generators were dispatched to the store

All physical remediation was performed at the same time the hydroxyl generators deodorized/neutralized the air, structure and contents.

Rug & Home was able to save 10,000 rug inventory and reopen its door for business within 2-days


2008:  COSTCO FIRE [Miami, Florida]

7,000,000 cu ft Costco and all of its contents incurred heavy smoke damage

Business Interruption - $1,000,000 per day

Store was projected to be closed for remediation for up to a month

ODOROX® Hydroxyl Generators were installed the afternoon following the fire

Store reopened for business as usual in 36 hours

ODOROX® Hydroxyl Generators operated and treated the facility while the public shopped


ODOROX® Neutralization of Micro-Organisms, Viruses,
and Mold Species

Restoring The Balance™

In addition to our services to provide relief from disaster situations such as fires or floods, the
HGI ODOROX® network has staffed departments to offer neutralization of micro-organisms
such as bacteria, virus and fungal species.  

Our ODOROX® trained technicians are experienced in the neutralization of not only airborne micro-organisms but can neutralize micro-organisms on surfaces. The ODOROX® technology does not use chemicals, but instead utilizes ODOROX® hydroxyls to neutralize and balance the environment… This is how HGI and its dealers use the RESTORING THE BALANCE™ service to neutralize these micro-organisms that are airborne and on surfaces.

Here are just a few examples of environments that we can successfully treat:

Hotel/Motel/Resort Rooms

For over millions of us, hotels become our temporary home. Guests expect to arrive to a clean and fresh environment. The five second touch rule is a myth… bacteria can live for over 4 weeks on most surfaces. Think about the number of germs and virus that you are exposed to especially when you touch that remote control, desk surface, light switch or walk bare foot on the carpet. Guests end up getting sick after their stay at many of these hotels.

Many hotel/motel owners recognize the problem and have called in our ODOROX® trained technicians to neutralize not only airborne micro-organisms, but to neutralize viruses on surfaces. ODOROX® hydroxyls are used to neutralize and balance the environment… The optimal ‘balance’ of hydroxyls in nature is 2.6 million hydroxyls per cubic centimeter. Deployment of ODOROX® devices returns the concentration of hydroxyls inside a building envelope in ‘balance’ with nature. This is how our ODOROX® dealers are using the RESTORING THE BALANCE™ odor and neutralization service to restore our indoor environments back in balance like in nature.

Recently the ODOROX® technology was applied to the reduction of bacterial and fungal pathogens on plant material from sprouted barley processing. Random samples of fresh sprouts removed in the processing of sprouted barley were exposed to atmospheric hydroxyls from an MVP14™ ODOROX® unit over a period of 2 to 96 hours. Kills rates in excess of 99.9% were measured by a licensed testing laboratory for the following pathogens. No fungal growth was detected on any samples after six hours of treatment. The pathogens were:

• Aspergillus niger
• Candida krusei
• Trichosporum beigelii
• Rhodotorula glutinous
• Acinetobacter baumannii
• Enterobacgter agglomerans
• Enterobactger clocae
• Bacillus sp.

Once again the ODOROX® technology was used in our RESTORING THE BALANCE™ service to kill these micro-organisms and pathogens.