ODOROX® equipment can be used to solve any indoor air problem. These systems harness green technology to provide the most effective and efficient solution to eliminate odors, decontaminate surfaces and clean the air. From residential and commercial to industrial and agricultural applications, the ODOROX® line is up to the challenge.



All ODOROX® Hydroxyl Generators are ETL certified for safety and quality assurance by the world's largest independent testing, inspection and certification partner, Intertek. ETL is a US independent safety agency that sets standards for product safety. Click here for the Intertek website.

The ODOROX® UV hydroxyl generating technology does not use any chemicals or create any toxic by-products but merely mimics the earth’s atmospheric cleansing process and brings it indoors. The earth has used this same technique for millions of years proving effective and safe for humans, plants, pets etc.

Now, you can experience this natural, gentle and most effective cleaning agent in your own environment. This is a big departure from the drawbacks of prevailing air purification methods, such as Ozone Generation and Ionizers. 



Many companies describe their products and services as “green” but what does that really mean? In the ODOROX® case, we describe this technology as “Green” because it harnesses the same wave energy as the sun and does not use chemicals or produce any residual compounds. It merely uses UV light and humidity to create the hydroxyls to provide a cleaning mechanism. It uses very little energy and cleans some of the toughest odor and bacteria on the planet. We have created a chart for the electricity use and encourage you to help change the world by working with newer technologies that take these principals serious. Click here to review the Odorox Energy Usage.