We are seeking Distributors and Dealers to help service the growing demand for our ODOROX® product line. This is an excellent opportunity for you to build your own business based on a solid product line. The ODOROX® Distributor/Dealer Programs offer amazing potential to a variety of industries. These include, but are not limited to commercial/industrial and residential.    

The ODOROX® Distributor/Dealer Programs offer the freedom to manage and customize your business as you see fit on a daily basis. There are no franchise fees or royalties associated with either of these programs. At ODOROX®, we are committed to your success and will assist you by offering extensive product training programs, marketing materials and support.


Distributorships are available in select locations and generally span the entire state, or multiple states. The price is based on the population of the specified territory and may range from $50K to over $1M. Our Distributorship Programs afford you sales exclusivity, participation in our National Accounts Programs, preferred product pricing and more. Included with your Distributorship is an extremely generous “start-up” product inventory.    


Our Dealership Program is available in most states and is designed to cover a base population of one million people. Our Dealer Programs offer the same corporate support provided to Distributors as well as a generous start-up product inventory. Please contact HGI for pricing and availability.  

For more information on our Distributor and Dealer opportunities, please contact Ron La Sota at 561-735-3701 or rlasota@hgiind.com